Lego frustrated at ‘1st disabled minifigure’ misunderstanding

by philapilus

Some of Lego’s earliest characters were the thalidomide triplets

Lego has expressed its annoyance after fans wrongly claimed that a new set containing a Lego man in a wheelchair represents the first disabled minifigure the company has produced.

Spokesperson Percy Spoke said “It’s nice that fans are praising the appearance of a wheelchair user in a set we are releasing later this year.

“But as a company that has always featured disabilities in our product range, we do find it annoying that we have received criticism from those who think we haven’t done it till now.

“It is sheer blind prejudice from those who fail to recognise the ‘invisibility’ of many disabilities.”

The company has pointed to the hundreds of thousands of figures it has made that have silently suffered from bipolar illness, chronic fatigure, Gulf War Syndrome, and other mental and physical ailments.

But Lego has pointed out that it has also represented the visible disabilities before as well.

“All of our figures are made with detachable arms, legs, hairpieces and hands, allowing children to explore concepts like quadriplegia, alopecia and people who have suffered traditional Islamic punishments.

“Not to mention the billions of yellow minifigures we have produced over the years, representing those who suffer from liver diseases.

“Furthermore, look at the fucking shape of the little fellows – if that isn’t indicative of serious growth defects and abnormalities, I don’t know what is.”

Toy-critic Wendy Nailinthehead, who had previously complained about the company’s range said “I’ve just realised that many children have probably made their own variants of wheelchairs over the years.

“Maybe I am just a massive fucking twat after all.”

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