On this day: 25th January

by philapilus
File:Hippo Indigestion.jpg

Mob bosses found the exhilarating game was a useful way to settle their differences without bloodshed

TMB’s regular feature devoted to improving the public’s historical knowledge, reminding our readers that the past clings to the weft and weave of the present like the stubborn chubnuts after a vindaloo…

1925: notorious gangster Al Capone invents the game of Hungry Hungry Hippos

1953: Southend is destroyed when a huge interstellar alien craft falls from the sky and lands in the middle of the city. No one notices for four years.

1975: after a failed coup d’etat in Chile, Generalissimo John Virgo leaves revolutionary politics behind and takes up snooker

1986: Rod, Jane and Freddy – house band for children’s TV show Rainbow – record the first song of the grunge genre, the now-forgotten hit ‘bedroom lonely fuck-up’

1995: David Cameron suggests to dinner guests that they probably shouldn’t eat the ham, but won’t say why

2003: orphan Bruce Wayne, vowing revenge on his parents’ killer, adopts his first (and unsuccessful) alter ego, bun-throwing crimefighter ‘Bapman’

2010: Tony Blair’s mission to destroy the Labour party is finally completed



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