Female obesity is a really large, oversized problem, says medical expert

by philapilus

England’s chief medical officer Dame Sally Davies has said that the increasing number of women who are overweight is an enormous problem, which is really not getting any smaller.

Dame Sally said “This is the biggest single health-problem for females, and it’s growing constantly.

“It’s not going to go away, it’s just going to get more and more massive, until it blocks out the sun. It amounts to a gigantic consumption of NHS resources, really this whole phenomenon is just gorging itself on the public purse.

“It’s enough to make me really blubber.”

Size campaigner Wendy Nailinthehead said “This is typical fattism. Just because I have had a barn door installed into my front wall, it doesn’t make me less of a person. You shouldn’t judge me just because  I came to this interview on the back of a flatbed truck.”

But woman Samantha Furcup said “I don’t think it’s about judging. I think it’s more about the fact that paramedics are in danger of debilitating spinal injuries because, as a country of lardarses, when the inevitable heart attack comes we weigh too much for the stretchers.

“Some people – a very few – have serious medical conditions which affect their size. Everyone else should just fucking learn how to stop eating.”


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