Mugabe backs Hopkins on backing Trump

by philapilus

‘England’s Rose’: according to Peter Sutcliffe, 84% of people consider Katie Hopkins to be the epitome of beauty

Robert Mugabe has this morning weighed into the argument over Donald Trump’s call for a US Muslim ban, claiming that “65% of all Britons agree with Katie Hopkins that at least 25% of all Britons agree with Donald Trump. Britain First! America First! Rights for Whites!”

Mugabe’s words were immediately backed by Kim Jong Un, whose support for Mugabe was subsequently backed by ISIS, who claimed that 3.3bn people (including themselves) had signed a petition calling for Trump to be king of the world.

Professor Hamish McEyebrau, of the Slough Institute for Fuckwit-Analysis said “This is not the first time this has happened; a bigoted twat comes up with some spurious bullshit, which is immediately backed by an even bigger moron who invents some statistics, which are then corroborated by the still-more copious amount of bullshit from yet another prick.

“It continues to escalate exponentially until you end up with the purest, most rarefied evil possible. Then somebody shouts ‘Godwin’s Law!’ the morass collapses in on itself, and the whole circus of fuckwittery starts again when the next utter wanker talks out of their capacious arsehole.”

Journalist Wendy Nailinthehead said “The Trump/Hopkins/Mugabe/Korea/ISIS spiral entered terminal velocity when a hateful harridan who works for the Daily Mail – Britain’s favourite source of wank – went on to America’s top channel for fictional news, Fox, to support mentally unstable bigot Trump, and generally to vomit forth the evil of her pernicious little brain into the ears of all and sundry.

“So you already had the combined horror of Hopkins, Trump, the Daily Mail and Fox News linked up before Mugabe even opened his mouth.

“And I’ve just heard that the spirit of Hitler has supported the whole debate, via an efficacious medium.”

At which Professor McEyebrau said “Godwin’s! Right, let’s find the next abominable person who has just said something evil. Actually, it’s just going to be Hopkins again, isn’t it?”

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