Youtube adverts celebrated by everyone

by philapilus

We were going to put a big shiny picture of Youtube’s logo here, but thought you might enjoy this ad for toothpaste instead

It was confirmed today that everyone just really fucking loves it when they click on a Youtube video and are subjected to a three minute sodding advert before being able to watch the sodding thing they clicked on in the first place.

A study found that the experience topped a list of things people enjoy, beating other contenders such as receiving automated calls about PPI, that moment when you drink water expecting it to be still and it’s actually fizzy, pop-up ads, and  having unsolicited pizza leaflets jamming open your letterbox so the whole house is fucking freezing.

Hausfrau WendyNailinthehead said “I definitely absolutely will buy any product after it has featured in a two minute advert that has kept me from enjoying the 45 second clip I was waiting for.

“It’s not just the best way to my wallet, it’s the best way to my heart as well.”

Head of adverts at Youtube, Mike Unt, said “I always knew people would love that extra anticipation my ‘interventions’ provide.

“It’s noble work we do.”

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