Downton Abbey celebrates the rise of fascist appeasement

by philapilus

The finale to season 47 will feature the obligatory robot butler

Fans of Downton Abbey have lauded the appearance of Neville Chamberlain in last night’s episode, where he prophesied the rise of European fascism, much to the pleasure of the family and staff.

The pseudo-historical soap opera featured the pro-appeasement politician coming to dinner, where he delighted the Earl of Grantham and Lady Violet with a long-winded explanation about how important it is to make friends with powerful, morally bankrupt dictators.

“If only there was a strong leader in Germany,” said Neville, “someone to sort out unemployment and the Jewish problem.”

Lady Violet agreed and added that it was about time someone started another truly Great war.

The move has been favourably described as just one of a number of barrel-scraping ideas to keep the show alive, not that it is in it’s 47th season.

Show creator Simon Slaptyhead said “Next week the downstairs staff are going to experiment with hallucinogenic drugs and free love as a presage to Woodstock, and meet the parents of Jimi Hendrix.

“Now will you watch it?”

Moronic fan Wendy Nailinthehead said “The show is brilliant at this sort of thing, showing how things really are and were and will be. It really Makes You Think, and helps Open Your Mind.

“For example, I now see how important it is that Mr Osborne values trade agreements with foreign powers like the Chinese, despite their atrocious human rights record.”



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