England’s love affair with Australia going strong

by philapilus

“‘H’ stands for ‘Happy for them’. The beer-guzzling, wallaby-riding scum” said England

It has been confirmed this weekend that the English are still just absolutely head over heels in love with Australia, and wish Australians nothing but happiness and good fortune in all their ventures.

An online poll which took place between 10PM Saturday night and Sunday lunchtime found that English men were particularly keen on Aussies, with almost 90% of male respondents confirming that they had ‘nothing but good thoughts’ about the chaps from down under.

Englishman Stuart Lancaster said “Ah, Australia. Brings a smile to my face just to think about them. Nothing makes me happier than knowing they’re all happy.

“I’d honestly just like nothing better than to think about their grinning faces, day in, day out.”

Another Englishman, Chris Robshaw, said “I spent my Sunday feeling all warm inside every time I heard anyone mention Australia. I cannot get enough of them.”

Non-sports fan Tim Twanks said “Is there some sort of tournament on? I could swear I saw lots of flags outside pubs recently, which normally happens when there is some sort of sporting event. But then this morning; nothing.

“By the way, what’s a ‘rugby’?”

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