Queen “not a Nazi”, unlike most of her family

by philapilus

The Duke of Windsor making new friends

Buckingham Palace has responded angrily to the release of footage of the young Princess Elizabeth giving a Nazi salute in 1933, saying that the Queen is no fascist, even if the rest of the family are.Sir Percy Spoke, Keeper of the Queen’s Loo-roll said “Her Majesty deplores Hitler, National Socialism, the Holocaust, and all of the horrors of Nazi rule. Making a silly gesture as a seven-year-old does not equate to any sort of ideological support.

“It’s not like she’s Edward VIII, Prince Philip, Prince Harry, Prin- actually hang on, can we just back up a second? You didn’t record that last bit did you? Oh shit.”

Despite Royal criticism, the Sun newspaper has defended its publishing of the footage.

“This is part of our longstanding devotion to exploring socio-political history, and not a cheap attempt to sell more papers” said Holly on page 3, “we’re always exploring big issues – but not as big as these areolas of mine; go on, have a butchers!”

Other members of the Royal Family have taken the unusual step of speaking out on the footage. Prince Charles said “This is utter nonsense, and I think it ought to be nipped in the bud. Mummy should be left alone, and given a nice rest. Perhaps she could take a nice long holiday in Balmoral, maybe even think about abdicating.”

Prince Philip added “This is absolute bloody tosh. I have spent the last five decades trying to get Lizzie to agree with me on how poor old Adolf was basically right about the kikes and the gypoes, and dash it all she won’t budge. Doesn’t even think the ovens were a good idea! I ask you, how else can you get rid of ’em?!”

Prince Harry was unavailable for comment as he was attending a fancy dress party in Berchtesgarden



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