Prince Charles and Gerry Adams in suspected ‘bodyswap’

by philapilus

“Well now, dis is a bit o’ a gamechanger, so it is”

It has emerged that the Prince of Wales and the leader of Sinn Fein seem to have had their minds transposed into one another’s bodies, during yesterday’s historic handshake.

An aide to Prince Charles said his suspicions were aroused when the Prince made a series of “extremely worrying” phone calls last night, in a thick Irish accent, during which he uttered several apparently coded statements such as ‘Big Fish has reached the Blarney Stone’ and ‘the Guinness has a potato in, Operation Shamrock is a Go’.

Associates of Gerry Adams had also noticed something was amiss when he failed to attend “a certain meeting at midnight in a carpark”, and was instead “found in a field poshly lecturing a plot of lettuces about the plight of the Patagonian toothfish.”

Experts have put the freakish occurrence down to the little-known ‘soul-exchange’ phenomenon. Professor Hamish McEyebrau, who studies the little-known phenomenon at the little-known Soul-exchange Studies department of Slough university said “Very little is known about this phenomenon. But their souls seem to have exchanged bodies. A ‘bodyswap’, if you will.”

A spokesman for Charles said this morning “At first we were mortified at the thought that the mind of a man suspected of extremely concerning links with the IRA is now controlling the body of a senior member of the Royal Family. But then we remembered that A) Charles has as much chance of reaching the throne as the corpse of Herman Goering does, and B) a Prince possessed by Gerry Adams is still not really any worse than the Duke of Edinburgh.”

Sinn Fein also commented on the suspected bodyswap with relative equanimity, describing the presence of the Prince within their organisation as “much less of a liability than we had expected” adding that Charles “provided some really useful information during morning tea”.

Number 10 has so far refused to comment on reports that it received several ‘Black Spider’ letters this morning, demanding the British leave Northern Ireland immediately.

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