Downing Street protestors demand end to “Unfair democratic electoral process”

by philapilus

These thuggish tools of the fascist state will all be shot, and eventually replaced with girls bearing flowers. But in the short term, we’ll need to just use the Revolutionary Guard for a bit

The best way to deal with people in power who you think don’t listen to the People is to get rid of them, even if the People want those people in power, said some people this weekend.

As the Conservative government began to set about the business of running the country following last week’s electoral success, liberal protestors gathered in Downing Street to demand a temporary suspension of draconian democratic elections.

Wendy Nailinthehead, socialist and champion serial masturbator of 2015, said “Boo! Tories! Elitist scum! Serving the 1%, not the 99%! We support the People! The great mass of those ignored by this right-wing minority government!

“Thing is though, because so many of the People stupidly voted tory, the 0.001% of us who are militantly anti-Conservative are going to have to grab power and take over running the country until everyone else can see we’re doing the right thing.

“There’s going to be a 5 year plan of Glorious Revolution, during which all tory-voting dissidents will be sent to Re-education centres in Britain’s very own Siberia; Wales.”

The protestors, who defaced a war memorial yesterday and injured several policemen, issued an ultimatum to the Conservative majority government, demanding that the Labour party’s legitimate right to govern be recognised immediately, because it had only lost by 99 votes.

Person with some brain cells, Samantha Furcup said “I am hugely depressed the tories got in. Thing is though, they won an election. All we can do is sit back and watch them fuck-up the economy, and take some comfort from the fact that the party will implode over Europe in 2 years time. They always do.”

But Nailinthehead said “Democracy isn’t about winning elections! Why can’t everyone just see that I’m right?”



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