Mayweather Sr pens poem for Pacquiao trainer Freddie Roach

by philapilus

“Yep,” said Floyd Jr, “that’s my dad! A true romantic.”

In an unusual move, Floyd Mayweather’s father has addressed the coach of his son’s opponent through the medium of poetry, ahead of Saturday’s title fight.

The fight, which will be the richest in the sport’s history, has involved a lot of trash talk and accusations flying between the two camps, but Floyd Mayweather Sr seems to have offered an olive branch to Freddie Roach with his touching ode.

Mayweather Sr said “This goes out to my man Freddie:

“When combatants in combat meet,

To vie for victory’s taste, so sweet,

There must, alas! be joy and tears,

Defeat; the gladiator’s fear of fears,

But though my son – and Manny – must fight

Still, know, that on that precious night,

My eyes with yours, ‘cross ring will share,

Respect and love for you, I bear,

And I hope as each man lands his punch

That you will let me buy you lunch

And if perhaps we drink some wine

And end up naked, that’d be fine.”

Freddie Roach confessed to being somewhat baffled by the tender approach, but after consultation with Team Pacquiao he made a public reply at his own press conference.

“I’m not really a poet, and I struggle with scansion, and meter, come to think of it, but I hope Mr Mayweather Sr will accept this my humble offering.

“Roses are red,

Violets are blue

Thanks, Floyd, for telling me true

How you feel in your head.

I”‘m not good with the rhyme

But I hope that in time

We can maybe go and grab a burger

And discuss your proposal, a little further.”

Pundits and commentators have agreed that this is one of the rare and treasured moments when boxing becomes more than a sport, and rises to the heights of Athenian Eros and Agape, which is very fitting for an art form that has defined civilization since the time of Pericles.

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