TfL boss forced to withdraw apology to Southeastern

by philapilus


Sir Peter Hendy has been ordered to withdraw his apology to Southeastern trains, after a court ruled that saying the company wasn’t completely awful constituted an attempt to mislead consumers.

Sir Peter, who called the operator ‘shit’ two weeks ago, subsequently apologised and retracted the comment, saying “I am truly sorry for my unfounded judgement. Let me be clear; Southeastern are not remotely shit”.

But after issuing this apology he was immediately prosecuted under The Trades Description Act, which prevents misinformation being given to consumers.

High Court Judge, Judge Judd, said “The manager of Tfl has quite clearly attempted to mislead not just users of that fucking awful train company, but the wider public at large. He should be ashamed of himself; we expect more from a person in his position of responsibility.

“I myself use Southeastern trains daily, which is why I have a heart condition and this permanently throbbing vein in my forehead. If I could bring back hanging, I would string up every single one of  those useless tosspots.”

RMT general secretary Mick Cash said “I’m outraged! This is a slur! This is a vile capitalist lie! This is – oh I can’t be arsed. We’re not going to win on this one; Southeastern are fucking appalling aren’t they?”

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