John Major wins 2015 London Marathon

by philapilus

Major said to journalists this morning he’d had so much fun on Sunday that he was not ruling out competing in marathons all around the world.

Sir John Major said he was “Surprised but delighted” after finishing the London Marathon in world record time, streets ahead of the competition.

The ex-Prime Minister’s time of 1:58:59 smashed previous records, making him the first person to run a sub-2 hours marathon – and with a whole minute to spare.

Runner-up Eliud Kipchoga’s 2:04:42 looked positively pedestrian by comparison. The Kenyan runner said “Sir John passed me early in the race, looking completely relaxed, suit trousers rolled up to his knees, tie flapping in the wind, and black brogues slapping on the tarmac.

“I thought at that speed he would burn out within a few minutes, but he went out front, and stayed there, even increasing his lead. I don’t even mind coming second, I just feel honoured to have witnessed such sporting genius.”

The 72-year old John Major said “I was completely shocked, i really wasn’t expecting to get in the top 20,000. I guess I just got very lucky.”

Major is well-known for his modesty as a sportsman, but pundits said his debut run showed incredible class. Sporting journalist Geoff Shovel said “He didn’t even take his blazer off until he was well into the final third.”

A source close to the Tory ex-Pm said “John enjoyed it so much he carried on for a further 15 miles past the finish line. He’s full of surprises that man.”

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