Game of Thrones leak reveals Downton crossover

by philapilus

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The leaking of several new Game of Thrones episodes online has left fans confused today, after the shock revelation that Season 5 involves a crossover with BBC period drama, Downton Abbey.

Thrones’ and Downton addicts alike were baffled as a montage of both series’ opening scenes apparently randomly juxtaposed the twee toffery of Downton, with what is essentially just Dungeons and Dragons with tits.

Superfan Geoff Shovel said “Me and the missus thought the TV was on the blink. But then that stately home from the show she likes magically relocated itself to Westeroth after being struck by lightning, and  then all the characters were interacting.

“One minute you had little Tyrion Lannister berating Carson the butler for buying him the wrong kind of toothbrush, and then suddenly the Earl of Grantham was swordfighting with Bronn. I never expected to see Hugh Bonneville headbutt Jerome Flynn.”

GoT producer, Rick Head, said “I bumped into Julian Fellowes in Sainsbury’s, and we were chatting about how depressing it is making middle-brow shows for nostalgic snobs and the grown adults who sneak into Games Workshop when they think no one is looking.

“We both said how great it would be to jack it all in and make brilliant, innovative TV. Something that would actually challenge people to think, like that Black Mirror show Charlie Brooker does. But then we decided it would be easier just to carry on with the same old crap – but to do a crossover, just to mix it up a bit.

“Later in the series we’ll probably have the Fonz travel back in time to do a motorbike jump over a shark-infested pond in the Abbey’s grounds, before riding round Westeroth fixing horseshoes. You should see my bank balance.”

Geoff Shovel said “The weirdest thing was seeing Violet Crawley entertain Khal Drogo for afternoon tea and cucumber sandwiches in the drawing room. Apparently next week they’re going to shag in the stables, with Jason Momoa taking Maggie Smith roughly from behind.

“I’m hooked.”


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