Clarkson frontrunner for new British Museum director

by philapilus

It’s thought that Clarkson will turn the famous round reading room into a motorcycle ‘globe of death’

It has emerged that disgraced Top Gear presenter, Jeremy Clarkson, has become the bookies’ favourite for the soon-to-be vacated top job at the British Museum.

Speculation grew after Clarkson pulled out of a scheduled Have I Got News For You appearance, and simultaneously took out some books about pyramids from the children’s section of his local library.

Jeremy’s friend admitted yesterday that “JC just wants a bit of time to brush up on his knowledge of world cultural history. Which is dire.”

Sajid Javid, Minister for Culture, Media and Sport, said “We feel strongly that Clarkson’s no-nonsense attitude, flair for dumbing down, and healthy dash of mistrust for foreigners, make him the ideal candidate.

“These qualities will enable him to bring the woefully multicultural and educational establishment more in line with current tory policy. Of course, the ultimate decision of who to appoint resides with the museum’s board of governors, but if they want their funding next year…”

Journalists mobbed Clarkson for a quote this morning when he came out of his house to shoot a cat, but the TV star made no comment other than “What’s a museum?”

Sajid Javid said “See? He’s perfect!”

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