American Pie song “is actually about pie”

by philapilus

‘The Levy was dry’ refers to the dark day when Mclean’s favourite shop, Levy’s Little Bakery, ran out of stewed apples

Fans of American Pie, the so-called ‘song of the century’ were left reeling with disappointment today, after 16 pages of notes revealed that Don Mclean’s 8 1/2 minute epic is actually just about pies.

The manuscript, which is to be auctioned at Christie’s, was expected to contain detailed annotations for some of the song’s stranger lyrical moments, providing commentary and explanation for phrases that have been puzzled over by fans for decades.

But, says auctioneer Leslie Fanshawe-Haines-Haines, the document is basically one very long list of the types of pie that Don Mclean was particularly fond of.

Fanshawe-Haines-Haines said “My hands were shaking with excitement when I opened the package – here after all, is the makings of the sound of a generation, I thought. But then I read it, and the disappointment was both severe and immediate.

“At first I thought I’d got the wrong parcel, or it was some sort of hoax, but a call to Don confirmed that this was the real deal. It’s literally just a list of pies, with some accompanying enthusiastic words of appreciation.

“For example, halfway down page 4 it says ‘Cherry pie – ace!’ followed by ‘Key lime pie (favourite for a Sunday?)’ and then there’s a number of variations, such as ‘Cherry pie mixed with key lime pie? Or should it be key lime and cherry pie? Must try making it tomorrow.’

“The most revealing and lengthy sentence in the document is on page 11, where Don writes ‘OMG!!!!!!! Suddenly realised not included any savoury pies yet! Starting savoury list now: beef pie, chicken pie, chicken and mushroom pie, shepherd’s pie (NB what is shepherd’s pie called if it’s made with beef mince?)…’ ”

Christie’s have confirmed that the manuscript also contains some suggestive remarks that may indicate Mclean engaged in sexual activities with pies, prefiguring the godawful Jason Biggs film by decades.

Fanshawe Haines-Haines added “Now I’m sad.”

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