Clarkson: ‘Leave my friend Ois alone, or I’ll punch him in the face again’

by philapilus

“Why can’t you take a leaf out of my book and just be nice to him?”

Jeremy Clarkson has railed at journalists for pestering Oisin Tymon, the producer he punched, leading to his own dismissal from the BBC.

The former Top Gear presenter said he was irate about seeing “Poor little Oisin being hassled by all of you journos, just because I punched him. Oisin has the right to be punched in privacy!

“In this age of muck-raking media, you sick bastards are deliberately asking him questions just because I punched him. Haven’t any of you thought that he might like to be punched and then not subjected to scrutiny?

“Just because I am massively talented and famous, it does not mean that being punched by me should lead to unwanted press coverage.

“You’re the type of scum who kick a man when he’s down. Or rather, question a man when I’ve punched him.

“I mean, yeah, OK, I punched him, but he’s a lovely guy, a good friend. You’re the bastards who won’t let it go.”

As he drove away in a Chelsea Tractor Clarkson warned “Now leave him alone, or I’ll punch him again!”

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