Cameron-Miliband PMQs exchange voted ‘best ever’

by philapilus

A panel of experts has said that Wednesday’s argument between the prime minister and the leader of the opposition was “the greatest ever display of political debate, rhetoric and intellectual acumen this country has seen.”

The exchange which took place during this week’s Prime Minister’s Questions, involved David Cameron and Ed Miliband cerebrally trading blows over the proposals for the televised pre-election debates.

Miliband began with a well-rehearsed flourish, asking “Mr Speaker, is the Prime Minister aware that he is feeble, ugly, and a big girly coward?”

But Cameron was not to be cowed and responded “Mr Speaker, the Leader of the Opposition is, in fact, the ugly coward here if anyone is.”

Miliband came back with “Mr Speaker, everyone knows that the Prime Minister is a chicken, and a gaylord.”

Cameron again parried with real panache, shouting “The Leader of the Opposition is not only a chicken and a gaylord, but also; he really smells of poo! He’s cacked his pants! Again! And everyone from the front benches to the back benches can smell it!”

As he said this the PM mimed holding his nose and wafting away a bad odour whilst screwing up his face in disgust.

But Miliband only came back stronger, with “My god, Mr Speaker! I can smell it too, but it’s not coming from my pants. No, that smell is the Prime Minister’s breath! He’s been eating poo for breakfast again, and licking the bums of his city paymasters!”

Amidst cheers and applause, the two political giants continued to trade powerful arguments, using telling phrases such as ‘rimlicker’, ‘spastic’, ‘tosspot’, and a ‘fannyface’ from the Prime Minister that almost caused a riot.

Parliamentary historian, Tim Twanks, said excitedly “This is as good as political discourse gets! No matter how many TV debates there are, we can be sure none of them will better this!”

File:The v finger signs.png

The debate ended in stalemate, when both speakers made the V-sign at the exact same moment, leading to a ‘Jinx lock’ which prevented them from carrying on



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