Han Solo crashes Millennium Falcon on LA golf course

by philapilus

Silver fox; yes. Credible action hero; not so much…

Veteran Rebel Alliance pilot and smuggler, Han Solo, has been injured after crashing his vintage spaceship in Los Angeles.

A spokesman for the Mos Santa Monica spaceport said “Solo reported engine failure shortly after leaving the runway, but successfully managed a textbook crash landing on a nearby golf course.

“He really is one hell of a pilot.”

Although Mr Solo only sustained minor injuries in the crash, his craft, the Millennium Falcon, was badly battered.

Wookie engineer Chewbacca insisted however that the ship, once praised as ‘the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy’, would be “RRRRRRAaaaaaaarrrrrggggHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAA” as rain in no time.

Solo has been praised for his quick reflexes and skilled emergency landing, but the crash has raised the contentious issue of whether septuagenarians are really capable of revisiting their early days as scoundrel adventurers.

Nerfherder Wershun Kaspotnik said “I’ve got no problem with these old hands going for a gentle spin in a T-16, maybe massacring a few womp-rats, or buzzing Jabba’s palace.

“But the elderly should NOT be trying to relive past glories and doing flashy manoeuvres, and everyone needs to accept that. Especially George Lucas.”



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