Michelle Obama chastised for offending bigoted misogynists

by philapilus

Apparently it’s impossible for anyone to form a rational opinion that isn’t full of either religious or anti-religious shit.

The First Lady of America, Michelle Obama, has been criticised for not wearing a headscarf whilst visiting Saudi Arabia this week.

Fans of fundamentalism, liberal apologists, and cerebrally challenged people with internet connections, have all lambasted Barack Obama’s wife, accusing her of cultural insensitivity, especially in the wake of the death of Saudi monarch, King Abdullah.

Wendy Nailinthehead, an unemployed person somewhat larger than her own doorway, tweeted “It’s just rude. Michelle should have made more of an effort. I mean, the Saudis are so keen to fit in with everyone else’s cultural practises. Why should we be any different?”

But some leapt to Michelle’s defence. Blogger Mike Unt (IQ 64), blogged “This this is just one more example of how ALL Muslims are nothing but bitter, uncivilised haters. How I wish they were ALL DEAD AND THEN THE BODIES BOILED IN ACID.”

Yet others offered opinions somewhere between the two extremes. Tim Twanks, a person who can read without using a finger, said “Great. Another excuse for the Daily Mail to bang on endlessly about how awful and backward every Muslim on the planet is, and how the headscarf is a chastity belt for your face.

“At the same time, it is a bit rich for people to complain about Michelle’s attire when a) she isn’t a Muslim and b) she isn’t a Saudi national. Resepcting cultural practises is ok, providing the practises we are respecting don’t belong to a completely cuntish patriarchy.

“On the whole though, weighing up both sides of the argument, I think it would be good if maybe by the year 3015 women will be able to wear what they fucking want without it being international news.”

Meanwhile the new Saudi king, Salman, today promised to uphold his predecessor’s strict adherence to Medieval punishments, the suppression of women, and the use of religious police “And all the other inflexible policies that have made my Saudi Arabia such a wonderful, cheerful place to live.

“For me, anyway.”

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