Meryl Streep receives 107th Oscar nomination

by philapilus

She was nominated last year for waving

Hollywood actress Meryl Streep is celebrating her 107th nomination for an Academy Award, for her portrayal of Meryl Streep in ‘Into the Woods’.

Streep, who has been favourably referred to as “The most consistently overrated actress of her – or any other – generation”, said she was delighted that once again she had been nominated for turning up on a set somewhere.

The Oscars ceremony, now in its 87th year, has a long and noble tradition of recognising stars who made something that was all right a long time ago, and since then have basically just dialled it in.

This perfectly complements the equally long-standing tradition of ensuring a healthy 4832-1 ratio between white and black winners.

Streep’s agent, Randy Bumfukowitz, said “No seriously, Meryl’s doing something completely different this time! She’s – get this – a witch! Okay, so all her mannerisms, characteristics and so on are exactly the same… but still, a witch!”

Steven Segal, one of this year’s judges, said “I received the list of nominated actresses a few days ago.

“I say ‘list’, it was just a piece of paper with ‘Meryl Streep’ written on it five times. I am pretty sure it is the one they used last year. And the year before that.

“But we’re all just glad we’ve managed to keep the uppity coloureds out of the nominations this year.”

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