MPs to run everything past children

by philapilus

MPs were surprised and dismayed to learn that ‘It’s quite long, and so will cost lots of money’

The government has announced its intention to run all policies past small children, after discovering that they are intellectually better equipped to spot the huge flaws that evade MPs.

The move comes after a 9-year old boy appeared before the HS2 committee and, according to one MP, “deftly explained in words of one syllable quite how fucking stupid the whole thing is.”

Tory MP Mike Ock said “We were all expecting this precocious little know-it-all to fall apart within seconds before our mighty scrutiny, and then we’d spend the rest of the day patronising the fuck out of him.

“But actually, he turned up, basically said ‘This is a pants plan’ and then went on to show us exactly why. It was great, though I do kind of wish I had spotted some of the flaws first.

“Especially the whole ‘Very expensive with very little benefit’ bit.”

After the small child had explained economics, logic, and how basic maths works, the committee made a recommendation to the Prime Minister that the whole thing be dropped, and that Alex Rukin be given a job in the cabinet.

A source close to Mr Cameron said ‘The Lib Dems actually asked if Rukin could replace Nick Clegg as Deputy Prime Minister.

“But he really is such a clever little boy, so instead we’re going to give him a job that’s actually important and matters.”

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