Birmingham ‘Not Jihadi training camp, but still very shit’

by philapilus

Of course Birmingham’s not ALL bad; it does have some lovely parks, like this one

Residents of Birmingham were reminded today that whilst it is true the city is not a Muslim-only enclave peopled by violent adherents to Sharia law, it is nevertheless still a shithole.

Many people were irate after Fox News broadcast an interview with Steven Emerson, in which the professional village idiot said Birmingham was full of rabid terrorists.

Emerson’s claims that “Birmingham is Muslim-only, and that every man, woman and child work for Al Qaeda” were dismissed by everyone, and made him an international laughing stock.

But this morning, semi-sentient Brummies were told to “stop gloating about what a twat Emerson is, and have a long, hard look at the city.”

Brummy Tim Twanks said “Until a moment ago, I felt such a sense of superiority because I was laughing at the rantings of a bigoted American moron who has no idea what Birmingham is really like.

“But now that I’ve remembered what it is actually like, I feel ashamed, belittled, and about as pathetic as the feral inhabitant of a rubbish tip, combing through detritus for things to gnaw on.

“So very much back to normal Birmingham life.”

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