Men to leave present wrapping till the last minute again

by philapilus

Seriously, again?

Men across the UK have insisted that they are on top of their Christmas preparations this year, and that some, if not all, of the gifts they bought from a garage forecourt might even get wrapped up.

They have added however that they can’t do it just yet, because there’s something good on BBC 3.

Tim Twanks, a man, said “Being a lazily-drawn male caricature, like every other bloke in the population I left most of the shopping to my wife.

“I only had to buy for her and I did it extra early this year, and got inexpensive perfume, Roses chocolates and a Top Gear DVD I’ve been wanting to see for ages, and which she might enjoy too. Get in.

“I have every intention of wrapping them before Christmas morning this time.”

Twanks’ wife Amanda said “Anything will be better than the infamous ‘Box of Tampons’ Christmas of 2011.”

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