DfT: “UK road system ruined by immigration”

by philapilus

Bloody Bulgarians

The Department for Transport has issued nationwide warnings today, after it was revealed that Britain’s entire road system is close to collapse.

The DfT cites mass immigration as the major cause of congestion, with a recent influx of East Europeans causing particular havoc on motorways M1 through M9.

Foreigners jabbering away in their own lingo has brought the M25 to a standstill, whilst the M602 has completely disappeared near Salford because less than 50% of Londoners are listed as white British.

Observers say the road suddenly opens up into a bottomless chasm, which has so far consumed at least 3000 vehicles this morning alone.

The M4, in addition to the East European problem, has turned upside-down because of the numbers of Somalis living in West London, causing severe neck-damage to all users.

The Dft is warning all travellers on this road against using open-topped vehicles.

Minister for Transport, Patrick McLoughlin said “The failure of our road infrastructure was brought to our attention by Nigel Farage, after he failed to reach a UKIP reception on Friday evening due to immigrants.

“We think that one was probably down to the Jews who came here in the Middle Ages. Bloody Jews.”

UKIP spokesperson Peter Rabidfroth said “When will this country learn that each individual person who sneaks in because of our open door policy has the capacity to tie up some 17.9 miles of road indefinitely?!

“This is due to our good old British tarmac being allergic to the psychic resonances of foreigners collecting in smelly crowds .

“The existence of Southall made every road in Wales turn into a river of jam throughout the whole of February last year. Wake up, people!”



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