Farage: “Burkhas for breastfeeding mums”

by philapilus

Nigel Farage has once again courted controversy, after suggesting that breastfeeding mums should sit in a corner

“with a veil completely covering their baby, their upper body, and preferably their own face, so that men don’t

feel uncomfortable.”

Speaking on radio the UKIP leader said “Breasts are unnatural. No one should have to look at them. They aren’t like boobs, you see. Boobs are in the Sun. They’re great. Bouncy and everything.

“But breasts are embarrassing for all of us. And a lot of women who breastfeed – the majority in fact – are not doing so
whilst wearing a thong and using magical speech bubbles to say very interesting things about the politics of the day.”

Farage began his regular radio phone-in, announcing excitedly that after numerous retakes he had finally passed one O-level, with a C in Home Economics.

He then described his own elbows at length, and after a diversion on the sorts of sweets you couldn’t buy anymore, moved on to suggesting that women should wear “big long veils covering everything. Like Burkhas. Only not all Islamic.

“Oh, and what I said about boobs; tits are fine too. And knockers. Actually honkers are great now I come to think of it. I don’t know what hooters are but they sound brilliant. Just no breasts, please, we’re English.”

UKIP supporter Tim Twanks said “In my day if women kept their breasts to themselves and babies kept their mouths to themselves, then we men agreed to kept our fists to themselves.

“If babies and mummies are going to flout the rules then I think it’s only fair for them to expect two black eyes and a clip round the ear’ole.

“That’s why I’ll be voting for Nigel. He says what we’re all thinking.

“Except when he talks about invisible jam-badgers taking his pubic hair away while he’s asleep. He does that quite a lot.”

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