Labour’s Grayson Perry bags “for collecting tears of disappointment”

by philapilus

Ukip’s has been designed to reflect their core values and policy… but is it art?

The limited edition bags Grayson Perry has designed for the Labour party have a special waterproof lining, for catching the tears of their supporters after the election defeat next year.

Perry, whose design has been lauded as ‘Fucking terrible’ by almost everyone, said “Is it a lion? Is it a pig? You don’t know. And I don’t know. I can’t draw either of them, so it’s somewhere in between.

“But that’s what makes it art.”

Labour have for almost two weeks been giving the limited edition bag to anyone who donates £19 or more to the party. A spokesman said today “You’d better hurry if you want one, we’ve already given out nearly four.”

The bags will catch the tears of the opposition’s supporters on election night, when Labour are swept away by Ukip, the SNP, and the remnant of the Tory party.

The water can then be used for some bollocks ecoshit plan of some kind.

The Tories have responded by bringing out a bag designed by long-time supporter Tracey Emin, with a crude picture of a naked woman and “I love me/I hate you” scrawled underneath it.

The bag is available for anyone who donates £40k or more to the Conservative party, and comes pre-filled with excrement, to empty over the poor.

The Lib Dems have a white bag of truce which no artist in the country would put their name to. It is 6 feet long, and will be used to dispose of the corpses of former Lib Dem MPs after next May.

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