Miliband nearly defeats small child in debate

by philapilus

In what has become a very unhealthy pattern, Ed once again tried to overcome his misery by comfort-eating until he threw up

After what Ed Miliband’s supporters called his “completely unfair ambush” at the hands of political heavyweight, Myleene Klass, the leader of the opposition rallied this morning, and performed incredibly well in an argument with a 10 year old.

Miliband was seen leaving the ITV studios in tears yesterday, where Klass had destroyed him on The Agenda programme with questions like “Are you sure you’ve thought this Mansion Tax through?” and “Don’t you have any other plans?”

But this morning Miliband was not so easily cowed by pupil Samantha Furcup, age 10, who said to him “Daddy says ‘Ed bloody Miliband don’t know how to run the econonomy’. Is that true, Mr Miliband, sir?”

Speaking for the Labour leader, Harriet Harman said “Despite facing his second ambush in 24 hours, Ed did not flinch, and immediately explained to the little girl’s class exactly how the next Labour government will turn the country’s finances around.”

Critics pointed out though that Miliband did not actually win the debate, as Samantha later outwitted him with her final question “Where are you going to find all the money to keep your promises?” leaving Ed “Shocked and mouthing silently like a fish.”

But Harman said “Well, obviously Ed can’t win every debate, and Samantha was a very tough interlocutor.

“But he got right outside and into the car before crying this time. We’re going to take that as a win.”


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