Cameron scores major EU victory, demanding legislation already in place

by philapilus

“And another thing; we demand that all of Europe apart from us adopt a common currency and call it, I dunno, ‘the Euro’, or something.”

The Conservatives are claiming credit for putting pressure on Europe today, after a thing they have been pushing for turned out to be already covered under current laws.

David Cameron said that an EU Court ruling, that member states can refuse financial aid to so-called benefit tourists,  “Supports not only my opinion, but the whole thinking of the Conservative party in general.

“I am glad they have finally bowed to British pressure, my requests, and decent common sense, in introducing this legal right, several years before I demanded they do so.”

But some critics suggest that taking personal credit for a ruling made by the EU Court on the case of a Romanian woman living in Germany, could be said to make the Prime Minister look like “an utter fuckwit.”

Cameron’s claim that the EU is listening to him, joins Osborne’s claim to have saved the UK economy, and Farage’s claim to have invented the salmon, as top contenders for this year’s ‘Just how fucking thick do you think we are?’ award.

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker said “Is this what David means by brokering a tougher deal on Europe? Is he just going to keep insisting that we create legislation that we have, in fact, already created?

“Because that we can do. No problem.”



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