Downton Abbey: TMB’s weekly recap (Series 5 Episode 6)

by philapilus

Downton is the first British Period Drama to feature airborne delivery of a warhead since 1995’s Pride and Prejudice on the BBC

Last night’s Downton was an absolute scorcher of an episode! Starting with a vicious fistfight between Edith and Mary in front of a pack of baying men, it was immediately clear that Series 5 will continue pushing this drama to its limits.

Then there was a nice segue sequence, in which Isis was hung from a tree by a bunch of imbecilic BNP supporters (the programme maintaining its postmodern questioning of historical narrative accuracy, which it began with That Plastic Bottle Incident).

We jumped straight to the bedroom after that, where Maggie Smith tied up the Russian Silver Fox, urinated on him, and then beat his face with a horsewhip.

Good stuff, but it’s still all so vague; the tantalising question of whether there might be something more than friendship between them gets ever closer to being answered, but we still can’t say for sure.

One thing that was more satisfactorily revealing was the passionate lesbian tryst between Cousins Isobel and Violet, a nice illustration of how porn can enter the mainstream and yet be tasteful.

The inchoate rage of Mr Carson at discovering that his long, yellowed toenails have once again poked holes in the end of his socks, finally exploded into a long-anticipated fit of pique, and fans will have been alarmed – if not completely surprised – at the scene in which he destroys most of the abbey with a long range ballistic missile.

But it was the final denouement, in which Lord Merton and Bates butcher Anna, then grill the corpse over the smoking ruins before gorging on her flesh, that has left us all on the edge of our seats and panting for next week’s episode…


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