Students urged to pee – but stop shitting – in shower

by philapilus

Upright bath, toilet, washing machine, and place to pass out, all rolled into one

A campaign at the University of East Anglia is encouraging students to pee in the shower to save water, but to draw the line at defecating down the plughole.

Student Samantha Furcup said “Our campaign began with the concept of saving water, and raising awareness of what a precious commodity it is globally. We were telling people to pee in the shower, rather than waste all that water flushing sterile urine down the toilet.

“But during our research we discovered that 98% of the students did that anyway, but, more worryingly, 75% also took their first bowel movement of the day in the shower as well. In almost all cases this was either due to being too lazy or  too hungover to walk the three feet to the toilet.”

The campaign then altered its name to ‘Pee not Poo’, and its aim changed from just being about saving water, to raising awareness of why taking a dump in the shower is unhygienic, even by student standards.

Furcup said “Additionally, we were going to launch a separate programme, showing how you could use less water for washing up if you did the crockery in a certain order. But then we couldn’t find anyone on the campus who actually did any. Basically, we students might be foul, lazy, and unrealistic about the chances of finding employment, but it turns out the one thing you can’t accuse us of is overuse of water or cleaning products.

“We’re basically eco-warriors. Who stink.”


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