Satan blasts Katie Hopkins’ ‘lack of restraint’

by philapilus

Beelzebub is a hot piece of ass compared with Hopkins

The Devil used his weekly phone-in session on Hampshire local radio to deride Katie Hopkins this morning, after she attacked the McCanns on Twitter.

On his Eagle Radio slot, Lucifer called Hopkins a “moneygrubbing media-whore”, and went on to add “She is viler than all the demons  from all the Seven Circles of Hell – and all those who reside in the trendier, leafier annex, the Three Penthouses of Hades – combined.”

Katie Hopkins, who is as unconscionable as possible for money, took a break from burning newborn babies yesterday to accuse Madeleine McCann’s parents of negligence.

But Satan said “I hate to give Hopkins extra airspace here, especially when she is whoring herself on the back of someone’s grief. But I feel this needs to be said; she is a cunt.

“When is Hopkins going to realise that her own grotesque ugliness, her distended flapping mouth and her grating voice are all down to her own negligence?

“With just a little thought she could have ended her vomit-inducing life a long time ago. And in the process saved us all from the vast accumulations of horror, loathing, and generally destructive hatred, worming into our souls every time we see her stupid fat face.

“But onto lighter matters. The October Jam Festival is kicking off in Gosport this afternoon, and I hope you’ll all be coming along and trying some of my latest concoction; blackberry and plum! And now, the traffic update…”


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