Universal Music to place music in brand videos

by philapilus

Just one of the brands whose videos UMG and Mirriad might occasionally put music on*

In a bold new commercial strategy, the Universal Music Group has signed a deal with UK tech start-up, Mirriad, to occasionally have a little bit of music in the videos it produces for top brand names.

Randy Bumfukowizc, head of creative revenue-streaming, said “It sort of just suddenly hit us; why not slip the odd bit of a tune in here and there? Not to deflect attention from the brands; that would be stupid.

“But just to give you something to hum along to while you find out what fantastic services and products you really, really need, even if you didn’t even know they existed until a minute ago.”

Mirriad says snippets of tracks can permeate the brand videos, without harming the core brand message.

It has assuaged any fears UMG’s top brand clients might have had, by promising that all the music will be so over-produced, facile and homogenous that no one will even notice its presence.

Bumfukowizc said “And, right, get this: by one of those totally weird twists of fate, it fits right in with our existing corporate strategy, because we’ve already got the word ‘Music’ in our organisation’s title!

“God knows why it’s there, but it means we don’t have to change the mission statement, which is brilliant, because none of us know how to make paper with words on come out of the printer, or how to switch a computer on.”


* for our younger, more impressionable readers, TMB is obliged to point out that you do not have to listen to music just because it’s featured in the videos. Now get back to your smooth, tasty Grand Marniers you dear little whippersnappers!


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