Derbyshire dam “accidentally destroyed” in historic aircraft flypast

by philapilus

In 2012 one of the planes accidentally killed a standful of veterans at a memorial airshow, an action welcomed by Iain Duncan Smith’s DWP.

Tragedy struck during an RAF flypast yesterday, when the last two remaining World War Two Avro Lancasters accidentally bombed and obliterated Derwent Dam.

An excited crowd of enthusiasts and spectators had assembled at the dam – the practise site for the famous ‘Dambusters’ raid – all of whom were drowned when the planes unleashed a massive payload of bouncing bombs.

Wing Commander Sir Leslie Fanshawe Haines-Haines, the RAF liaison for all commemorative displays and historical re-enactmants, said “Bloody bad luck, what? No idea the bloody bombs were still on the bally planes!

“Shame about all those poor blighters on the ground. And of course the substantial bit of Derbyshire subsequently flooded. Bloody exciting though! Damn good targetin’, hey? They’ve still got it, those Lancasters!”

The event’s organisers issued a statement apologising for the disaster, but added that “These spectators knew the risks. Or should have, anyway.

“There’s always the chance that a family day out can turn into a catastrophic bloodbath, with massive loss of life. Happens at Warwick Castle all the time and no one bats an eyelid.”

The MoD meanwhile immediately impounded the Lancasters, and retasked the historic aircraft to fly to Iraq, where they will undertake bombing raids on Islamic State militants.

The RAF has welcomed what it calls “these significant reinforcements.

“Because of stringent budget cuts anti-IS raids have, until now, consisted of our only full-time pilot lobbing rocks out of the window of a Gipsy Moth biplane.”



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