Bat symbol seen in London skies

by philapilus

Let’s just hope he didn’t have one of his notorious panic attacks and hide behind his girlfriend again…

Londoners were shocked and awed last night, after a powerful beam of light projected the Bat signal into the brooding clouds above Westminster.

The cloud symbol, which is the traditional and established method of contacting the elusive caped crusader in times of dire need, was visible from an impressive 15km away.

Wendy Nailinthehead, who has ‘DC comics 4eva’ tattooed across her chest, said “I immediately ran down to Victoria Tower Gardens to catch a glimpse of the Dark Knight, but I must have just missed him. Gutting.”

The column of light shone all night, but as Batman was not actually seen by anyone, it is unclear whether or not he successfully averted presumed disaster – or even whether he responded to the call.

Unemployed Londoner, Tim Twanks, said “My concern is that they haven’t yet told us what tragedy befell this fair city last night. Boris Johnson needs to tell London what is going on. If the Joker or the Penguin are at large, we have a right to know.

“I mean, it must have been pretty fucking serious if they had to call out Batman, right? They haven’t done that since the Riddler sneaked an unsolvable Sudoku in to the Metro newspaper.”

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