Margaret Thatcher “may not have been the wonderful person we all knew and loved”

by philapilus
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As kind as she was sexy

Westminster has been stunned to its core, after allegations were made today that the late Margaret Thatcher might have done some things that weren’t completely brilliant and morally sound.

Reports that Thatcher “covered up for a minister accused of sex abuse” have shaken the political establishments, with both the major parties expressing shock.

Although rumours of the Westminster paedophile ring have been around for some time, no one had dreamed that Lady Thatcher could have been involved in the 1980s conspiracy to cover up for paedophiles at the top of government.

The universally adored tory Prime Minister has always been considered to have been one of the kindest, most ethical and generous-hearted of modern politicians.

She once beat such luminaries as Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King and Mahatma Gandhi, in a poll for the “The 20th century’s greatest champion of universal kindness and fairness”.

Former union leader Arthur Scargill said today “After years of admiring – even idolising – her, I am suddenly wondering if actually she might not have been a very nice person at all. It is a huge shock to the system.”

Labour leader Ed Miliband said “Is it conceivable, is it possible, that this woman actually had a heart as black as pitch, a vicious psychotic personality, and all the compassion of a starved wolf?

“Surely she wasn’t actually just a loathsome cunt all along? Surely?”

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