Brazil 2014 shock: England supporter thinks Italy shouldn’t have won

by philapilus

“And, right, did you notice how every time the Italians kicked the ball it went a bit further and was more accurate? Remote-controlled, mate. Bloody cheats.”

An England fan has caused a stir this morning, after claiming that Italy definitely didn’t deserve victory on Saturday, adding “We were totally robbed. I blame the ref, and the cheating Eyeties!”

Italy beat England 2:1 by virtue of being a better team, playing better, and scoring more goals.

But the England fan disputed the loss, and monologued for about half an hour on all the things Roy Hodgson should have done differently, including crushing Wayne Rooney’s thick skull with a sledgehammer instead of letting him play.

Footballologist, Tim Buttox, said “It is practically unheard of for an England fan to grumble about their team losing.

“England fans are usually the last people to complain, or accuse opponents of cheating, or blame the type of grass, or say the weather was against them, or spend hours listing every single possible scenario that in their opinion would have allowed their substandard team to win, rather than getting solidly beaten again.”

The fan disagreed however, and said “If you aren’t insisting that your country’s team is inherently better than everyone else’s – regardless of past performance or actual results – you are basically a traitor. I can’t understand why no one else sees it that way.

“Still, even if we don’t bring home the World Cup after all, we’re practically guaranteed to win Wimbledon.”




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