Sun in ‘posing with Miliband’ gaffe

by philapilus
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“At least he wasn’t topless though”

The Sun newspaper has apologised to readers for a “Huge error in judgement”, after a publicity photograph was released showing the paper in the hands of Ed Miliband.

A spokesman for the paper said “We’re sorry, this was a huge oversight on our part, and it won’t happen again.

“We overlooked the fact that our readers want nothing to do with dangerous liberal pinko Marxists whose fathers were traitors, and who boil babies in their cots for fun whilst singing the French national anthem.”

Readers of the Sun expressed their fury this morning, and some of them even managed to write the words down.

Wendy Nailinthehead, who works in IT support and specialises in telling people to switch it off and on again, said “Ed Miliband wants tax cuts for the rich, to destroy the NHS and to do all kinds of other bad stuff. Probably.

“He likes immigrants, foreign food, and drinks lah-dee-dah wine like a gaylord. Shame on the Sun.”

Tim Twanks, goat-semen collector, said “I can’t believe the Sun has used a real-life communist for a publicity photo. And in 2014 too, the centenary anniversary of World War II, when we and the Germans joined forces to defeat communism! It’s a bloody disgrace.”

But Miliband was also chastised for his part in the shoot, because of the paper’s atrocious record on the reportage of the Hillsborough disaster.

Media analyst Mike Ock said “It’s strange, really. Miliband has been pilloried for posing with the Sun, but David Cameron, Nigel Farage, and the other one, all had identical photos taken. No one’s going on about that.

“It’s almost like the British press has inherent right-wing leanings.

“But more importantly, it’s inordinately depressing that all this fuss is because of something to do with Hillsborough, rather than the fact that the newspaper is a pernicious little Murdoch rag, degrading to women and full of utter bullshit.”

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