Tory MP accuses Oxfam ad of deliberate accuracy

by philapilus

Britain; where everything is just brilliant. No need to give generously at all.

Conservative MP Conor Burns has demanded that the Charities Commission investigate Oxfam, over an ad campaign which he claims “maliciously and wantonly tells the truth”.

The faux-movie poster depicts a raging storm at sea, emblazoned with a ‘starring cast’ of  zero hour contracts, benefit cuts, high prices, and other social ills directly resulting from Conservative policies.

But Mr Burns  has pointed out that the poster completely fails to suggest that everything in the UK is completely brilliant, and instead focuses entirely on reality.

Speaking to press, Burns said “Oxfam has a duty to take relatively small amounts of money from the rich, and be bloody grateful for every penny, assuaging any slight guilt we might have, whilst vigorously defending our belief that the poor have only themselves to blame.

“This poster is basically a sort of fact-based blasphemy.”

He added “Furthermore, such overtly political campaigning cuts at the very heart of advertising. If adverts are going to start telling the truth, we may very soon see producers of luxury items sheepishly admitting they are trying to sell you overpriced things you don’t need.

“It could be the end of civilization as we know it.”

Oxfam’s chair, William Shawcross, said “Initially I thought the complaint was a joke. A letter chastising us for deliberately telling the truth about the terrible financial inequalities in this country, signed by a Mr Burns – I thought this was some sort of Simpsons-based satire.

“But sadly this Mr Burns is considerably less amusing – though no less cartoonish – than his namesake from the TV show.

“But, in the spirit of deceit he wishes me to embrace, let me just say that Conor Burns is a fuckwit. And I hope his fat face melts off. And that’s a complete lie, obviously.”

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