PMQs: Pick of the Pricks

by philapilus

Gone, but not forgotten.

For this week’s edition of our regular feature, we asked astronaut and children’s TV presenter, Floella Benjamin, to choose the person who came across as the biggest prick during yesterday’s Prime Minister’s Questions.

Over to you Floella!

Hi everyone! Floella Benjamin here!

This week, I have chosen David Amess, MP, as the Pre-eminent Prick of PMQs.

David used his portion of the 0.1939% per annum that the PM is accountable to the public*, to ask Mr Cameron to ensure that we do our best not to forget all the horses that died in World War I.

World War I??!! Hold your horses, Amess; Big Picture, please!

We haven’t even commemorated all those horses that selflessly gave their lives during the Crusades, yet! You heartless bastard; just because it was a long time ago, doesn’t mean it doesn’t matter!

When, and only when, we have accounted for every previous individual incident over the millennia when a stallion or mare made the ultimate (albeit somewhat unintentional) sacrifice for mankind, can we get to important, contemporary political issues, like talking about horses that died in WWI!

What a Prick.

File:Mr David Amess MP.jpg

‘Heartless horse-hating bastard’




* Derived (extremely unreliably) from the data:

  • Parliament sits 34 weeks p/a
  • PMQs is a maximum 1/2 hour p/w

giving 17 hours out of a possible 8765.8** each year, that the Prime Minister is directly accountable to questions from the representatives of the British public

Or 0.1939%


**Yes, we realise this includes hours the PM is not actually doing the job, because he may be asleep/on holiday/wanking into a bowl of cereal etc. But, if you think about it, that kind of makes it worse…


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