Bob Crow memorial strike to go ahead

by philapilus

Yeah, your slightly longer journey to work really is the greatest injustice the world has ever known

The RMT union confirmed this morning that its members will go ahead with next week’s strike in honour of Bob Crow.

Spokesperson Percy Spoke said today “Bob was brilliant, we miss him. So next week we are planning to celebrate his life, in a way we know he would have enjoyed; by seriously pissing off millions of people and bringing London to its knees.

“I like to think old Bob will be looking down at us and smiling. Or possibly looking up and smiling. Well, wherever he is, he’s going to have a bloody good laugh.”

London Underground boss Rick Head said “I don’t understand why the RMT won’t just bend over and take it up the jacksie from us. Why shouldn’t we give them a spine-bending shafting? We pay their salaries, after all! Well, the ones who aren’t being made redundant.

“They are way, way too uppity. They hate you, that’s why they’re doing this.”

RMT member Wendy Nailinthehead said “Yeah, it’s a massive pisser for you all, we do get that. It’s part of the fun. Certainly used to please Bob Crow no end.

“But at the same time, I am always a bit surprised at just how immensely vitriolic everyone gets, when we are basically gifting London’s commuters a solid-gold, watertight excuse for staying at home in their pyjamas for three days.

“Yeah, getting the bus is a pain in the arse. But you aren’t combing rubbish tips for plastic bags to sell for two cents per hundred, people. Chill the fuck out.”


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