My Christianity, by David Cameron

by philapilus

As Easter approaches I thought it might be appropriate to share with you some of the lessons that Christianity has taught me personally, and which help guide my decisions as Prime Minister.

Favoured significantly lowering the top rate of taxation and abolishing inheritance tax completely

Jesus was a figure of great courage and empathy. Even though he was the Son of God, he spent his life helping the poor, living amongst the working classes, and striving to improve the lot of the common man.

He whipped greedy bankers, and berated the powerful, whilst teaching us all to treat foreigners as brothers, welcoming them into our home, regardless of race or creed.

Looking back over what my coalition government has achieved, I think it would be immodest to say that I am as good as Jesus exactly, but I do feel proud of how our work has followed on from his.

Of course, some of his ideas needed updating a little bit – that’s only natural, and right – the church has done it for centuries.

For instance, despite his infinite wisdom, Jesus didn’t realise that the best way to help the poor is to make them help themselves – it’s the only way they’re ever going to learn.

Also the working classes have frankly degenerated to an appalling degree since the time of Christ. Nowadays He would be much more at home in Chipping Norton, say, than in Elephant and Castle.

But by the same token, bankers and powerful men have become much, much nicer. They no longer put money before everything else, and have become trustworthy members – indeed pillars – of our society.

In fact, I can just see Jesus, in a nice pinstripe suit, sitting down and discussing a mortgage on a bijou Bethlehem stable with a friendly bank manager, can’t you?

Another big change today is the way we show love towards our enemies.

Had Christ had the kind of superior nuclear weaponry now available to a God-fearing power like Britain, I think the likelihood of him ending up on a chocolate cross would have been considerably reduced.

And if Jesus lived in a country as crowded as this, and had greasy foriegners knocking on his door, one can’t help but think that he too would consider imposing immigration controls, and repeating that great line of his ‘There’s no room at the inn’.

All in all, I would like to invite my fellow Britons, whether you are CofE, Catholic, Hindu, atheist, or an Allah-fanatic one step away from acts of terrorism, to meditate on how universally applicable Christ’s -and my – ideas still are today.

Happy Easter, one and all.


David Cameron



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