Prince George to feature in next ‘Hobbit’ film

by philapilus

Prince George is using his time in New Zealand to pursue his passion for acting it was revealed today, after the son of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge was spotted on a Peter Jackson film set.

An artist’s impression of what it might look like if the young Prince got to fight Smaug

Royal spokesperson, Sir Percy Spoke, said “The Prince is just doing a cameo really, I don’t think he will be fighting the dragon or anything. Although, come to think of it, that would make for some smashingly pertinent iconography .”

Jackson, who is currently filming inserts for the third film in his decology based on J R R Tolkien’s short children’s book, ‘the Hobbit’, said “Actually the Prince was brilliant. He was the right size and everything.

“I mean, he didn’t have to do too much, because mostly we just take lots of photos of faces and then make the entire film digitally, but even so, his acting was way better than Andy Serkis’s. God that man is a fucking pain.”

George’s surprise film-shoot even made it into the papers, which surprised many people, who had had no idea that the Royals were even in New Zealand.

Fan of the monarchy, Wendy Nailinthehead, said “They’re in New Zealand?? Why doesn’t anyone tell us this stuff? Honestly, you’d think that would at least make the middle pages. There just isn’t enough interest in real stories anymore.”

Peter Jackson said “It’s the first time I’ve worked with a real royal, but he was a pro, and I’d definitely like to do it again.

“Now, this interview we’re doing; have you considered publishing it in three separate articles? Because the money’s a lot better if you do everything in threes.

“Also I had this great idea for a range of tie-in merchandising you could produce to accompany it. It’s the only way to make sure the story gets told properly.”

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