Cameron’s Europe manifesto “Unlikely to mention Maria Miller”

by philapilus

David Cameron will this afternoon be launching the Conservative manifesto for the European elections, in which he will not be making constant references to the recently departed culture secretary.

“Let me make this clear: this is NOT about not talking about Maria Miller”

In the speech the Prime Minister will say “Europe” quite a lot, and will also frequently use the word “Britain”.

Whilst saying these things he will simultaneously not be saying “Maria Miller”, “Culture Secretary” or “Expenses”.

This has surprised many pundits, because over the last week Cameron has done his best to bring up the thorny issue of whether or not Miller should leave her post at every opportunity.

A Labour spokesman said “It’s quite strange. He must realise that bringing up stuff about Europe is likely to knock Maria Miller’s resignation off the headlines.

“And since he has been so keen to discuss that issue publicly, it does rather seem as if he’s shot himself in the foot a bit. We’re quite caught off our guard to be honest.

“First he wants to talk about his ministers’ expenses, now he wants to talk about Europe; what’s the real agenda here?”

But a source close to Mr Cameron said “The Prime Minister is just getting this Europe stuff out the way now, so that by the end of the week we can go back to talking about Maria Miller. He is very keen for that to be the main topic of the Sunday papers, not to mention Have I Got News For You.”

An advance press release of Mr Cameron’s speech reveals that other words he will use extensively (whilst not mentioning Maria Miller) include “Britishness”, “British jobs” and “British national interests”.

Things he is not expected to say include “Nigel Farage is right” or “Vote for Miliband”.

No. 10 have also indicated that it would be best not to ask Mr Cameron questions about Michael Fabricant “Unless you want to make him cry. And you don’t want that now, do you?”



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