Danish zoo: “Lion culling and new ‘Big Game’ restaurant unrelated”

by philapilus

God I could really go for one of those right now; I’m starving

The Danish zoo which gained notoriety for euthanising Marius the giraffe last month has denied that its new culling of four lions is in any way linked to the opening of a new exotic meats restaurant.

Manager of Copenhagen zoo, Pernilla Hvalros, said that ‘Big Game Burger’, which the zoo hopes will one day become an outlet-chain, was “in no way connected with our completely legitimate and necessary killing of big game creatures.”

Hvalros said “Although the menu offers Bacon Double Lion Burgers, and an XL Giraffe-fillet Sandwich, these are just fanciful, playful, product-titles.

“All our burgers are made with meat from the normal cattle; horses, sheep, and maybe the odd cow every now and then.”

Animal Rights activists began a vehement campaign of protest, after a leaked recipe, allegedly from the restaurant, called for ingredients such as lion-breast, elephant-trunk, and rhino-balls.

Hvalros insisted however that the dead giraffe and soon-to-be-dead lions were part of a culling programme based on ‘breeding rationale’.

“These big, meaty lions, are surplus to the zoo’s breeding requirements. The same goes for that plump elephant over there being basted with butter, and those mouthwatering mongooses, that are being wrapped in pastry to keep them warm at night.

“We would never dream of butchering these rare, beautiful creatures for food – we just have to keep the genetic stock pure.

“It makes much better soup then.”


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