Counterfeiters hold design competition for back of new £1 forgeries

by philapilus

“I’m bored of making these, give me a new challenge”

Counterfeiters today announced that they are launching their own competition to decide what goes on the back of the new fake pound coin.

Whilst the Royal Mint will not have its new twelve-sided coin ready to enter circulation until 2017, the Association of Forgers and Counterfeiters said they already have almost 50m forged coins “Just waiting to go.”

“We really liked the idea of letting the public choose what goes on the tails side,” said master-forger, Geoffrey Howe.

“It gives people an interest, and makes the whole thing more light-hearted, not to mention easier to get used to, which is great, as trying to get Brits to accept anything new is almost impossible.”

The coin, which resembles the threepenny bit, has been praised by counterfeiters for being harder to copy than the old one.

Jobbing pound-facsimilist, Norman Lamont, said “It’s great, because the traditional British forger has been increasingly undercut in recent years. Foreigners – especially East Europeans – come over here and take our illegal work, and it is getting harder and harder for us to make a dishonest living.

“But this new, secure, pound will protect the trade and skills of the very best British craftsmen, and is a real boon to our industry.”

Forger Nigel Lawson said “It’s true that this is a real step forward, and I am pleased to see the Mint change the design. I just wish they’d bloody well get a move on and introduce it already.

“My garage is full to bursting, and I need to start getting these babies into circulation.”


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