Tony Benn obituary: by George Galloway

by philapilus
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“I know it’s hard, but try not to think about me all day, and do spare Tony a thought if you can.”

It was with great sadness that I heard this morning about the death of our second most senior statesman on the Left, Tony Benn.

Tony was a great friend to many, and a source of huge knowledge, thanks to what he learned from me.

Though I was of course the younger, more attractive, more sexually potent and indefatigable man, nevertheless he always intelligently listened, and had much to tell me about how amazing I am.

I can still see him now, when I visited him in hospital, trying to hide under the bed as I came into the room, because he felt so inadequate in my presence.

“No, Tony,” I said, magnanimously, “You need not be ashamed. I am proud to count you amongst my most intelligent pupils.”

The poor man was quite overcome, and vomited heavily on the floor.

Often, during his illness, I would talk to Benn for many hours at a time, and he would listen with his eyes shut, head lolled to one side – no doubt in sheer despond and envy at the depth of my understanding.

But he never expressed his jealousy, and on the occasions in the past when I would overload his good – but lesser – brain, he would say to me most politely “George, I just can’t take anymore. Please stop talking.”

I would smile, and bestow a gentle pat on the top of his head.

“You’re trying Tony, and that’s the important thing.” I would say.

I shall miss my friend; one can’t help but feel humbled  by proximity to a great politician – and I am sure he did, right till the end.

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