News Flash: Massive meteor impact finally noticed

by unpseudable

Scientists noticed this big round thing in the sky literally years ago

Scientists have this week reported the biggest and brightest meteor impact on the moon ever recorded.

Professor Madiedo of the University of Huelva in Spain claimed that a mass of rock weighing around 400kg, and travelling in excess of 60,000 km/h slammed into the surface of the moon.  Before attempting to obscure with a subtle cough the admission that it happened the best part of half a year ago.

When pressed for further information, Madiedo said, “I realised that I had seen a very rare and extraordinary event.  But then I inexplicably forgot about it entirely.  It was only when I was going over the films recorded by our telescopes months later that I remembered.  It was all like: POW!  BOOM!  SMASH!  FLASH!  It was amazing.  But at the same time totally forgettable, and not worth mentioning to the press.”

Astronomer Royal, Nick Dobend, suggested that the collision which took place on 11th September 2013 “would have created a flash so big and bright that it would have been visible from Earth.  It just so happened that no one else was looking at the time.”



More space news: a group of hoaxers have thoughtfully just given everybody notice of a worldwide UFO hoax planned for the 5th April 2014.  People with multi-rotor remote-controlled aircraft will light them eerily and get them hovering over populated areas to spook anybody looking up at the time.  So don’t forget to panic hysterically!*


*Disclaimer: TMB cannot be held responsible if the announcement of this hoax turns out to be a hoax itself.  Furthermore, we cannot guarantee that an alien invasion will not occur on 5th April.  Basically, TMB advises its reader to be ready for anything.

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