Environment Agency to search for fabled Somerset

by philapilus

It is believed they made vessels of clay, like this one, because the strong cider could melt its way through metal or glass containers.

Environment Agency chief, Chris Smith, will lead a nautical expedition today, to search for the legendary sunken county of Somerset.

Smith spoke to reporters, before boarding his ship, the ‘Too Little Too Late’, and said “Somerset has always been a part of our mythical folklore, and the romance of a long-lost, sea-claimed land is enticing to us.

“Like Atlantis, Somerset represents man’s yearning for a forgotten past, and the danger of humanity’s pride before the might of nature.

“But we also have good reason to believe that the county may once have actually existed – and its people could even have interbred with the rest of England, resulting in the genial, drunken simpletons, of which Britain has so many.”

Smith will take a team of divers, mini-subs, and special ‘ci-radar’ equipment, capable of locating old scrumpy bottles at a depth of up to three miles.

A spokesperson from Devon, a county which it is thought once bordered the sunken land, said “I reck’n they may be onto summat; not a year goes by we don’t find an ancient washed-up guidebook, goin’ on about magical stone circles and leylines, an’ all that sorta stuff.

“But, tell the truth, I don’t see how they’s goin’ find the land isself.

“Unless they’ve got one of them there boats what has a newfangled wheel, and is powered by one of them ‘En-gin’ demons, I don’t reck’n they’ll be able to fight the tide, and they’ll jes wash up here.

“At which point I guess’n we’ll probly ‘ave to burn ’em, as a sacrifice to the sea-god, lest we gets sunk ourself, see?”

Archaeologists believe the county would have been somewhere in the area of sea shaded red on this map

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