Pete Seeger’s death unleashes ‘perfect storm’ of Billy Bragg and banjos

by philapilus

Holy shit

The passing of elderly folk singer, Pete Seeger, has inevitably led to Billy Bragg, and to a nostalgia for banjos, according to music experts.

Seeger, one of the greatest statesmen of the folk revival and protest movement, is remembered both for his peaceful resistance to batshit-mad right-wingnuts, and his ability to play the banjo without sounding like an inbred hillbilly.

But Professor Hamish McEyebrau, of the Slough Institute of Nasal-singing, said “We are facing a Billy Bragg media-presence of pandemic proportions, and – terrifyingly – a nostalgic resurgence of interest in banjos. 

“The problem with folk music is that for every Pete Seeger, you get Billy Bragg, or even Richard Thompson. For every Pentangle there is a Lindisfarne (or again, a Richard Thompson). And for every Nick Drake there is a Donovan (or, chillingly, another Richard Thompson).”

Billy Bragg has already been interviewed by reporters several times, reminiscing about Seeger, and even singing insufferably smug covers, unleashing mental trauma upon unsuspecting news audiences.

Meanwhile music shops report a spate of orders for banjos, from bearded hipsters who say they are looking to ‘reconnect with the counter-culture’.

Professor McEyebrau said “Some people – a very few – play the banjo well. Most sound like they are having an epilectic fit in a Slinky-Spring factory, whilst holding a pig’s bladder stuffed with rusty, discarded hip-replacements.

“It’s very much the latter we are going to be inundated with, I am afraid.

“Also there is bound to be a tribute concert, and Billy Bragg will probably headline, and talk about the power of folk endlessly, whilst smugly going on about Thatcher being a cunt, and how in touch he is with The People. 

“Whereas in reality ‘The People’s’ idea of traditional music is Kylie Minogue, and the tiny proportion of those who like folk music for rational reasons, are utter masochists, wading endlessly through shit looking for increasingly rare diamonds.

“God, I’ve wasted my life.”

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